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Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering Headhunting

Importance of Civil Engineers

Hiring a skilled and talented individual who’ll fit right in with your team and help you take your company to the next level isn’t an easy task - especially when it comes to hiring a civil engineer. 

The job of a civil engineer involves many crucial tasks including: 

  • Design and oversee construction 

  • Adapt and maintain infrastructure

  • Perform site investigations 

  • Resolve development problems and challenges 

  • Manage project resources

  • Assess environmental impact and sustainability 

  • Effectively report to stakeholders, board members, and executive teams 

Experienced civil engineers provide a wealth of knowledge and come with the necessary understanding of the relevant laws and regulations required for civil projects. Finding a candidate with relevant experience and an individual who aligns to your company culture can be challenging without access to the right tools and network.

What all of this means is that civil engineers require specific skill sets to perform the job to a high standard. The same can be said for sourcing and hiring civil engineers. 

The Challenges of Finding the Right Specialist for Your Company

Since the profession is so demanding, there’s a serious skills gap. Civil engineering jobs are needed in government agencies and non-government organisations across multiple industries. This demand coupled with a limited talent pool means hiring requirements in this space require a lot of resources to attract the right talent.

It’s also important to consider that many of the best civil engineers will not be active on the market and it is unlikely you will attract this talent through job applications alone. To ensure the best candidate for the job is hired, the recruitment process requires an extensive network and market research to utilise. 

So, instead of wasting your time and resources going through resumes and cover letters, you should entrust this task to the professionals. 

As a specialised civil engineering recruitment agency, Consult BT will connect you with the highest-rated civil engineers in Sydney and other major cities in Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We offer a consultative and bespoke recruitment service to support the growth of your teams. 

How Consult BT Can Help You 

Our team is composed of experienced consultants who’ve connected countless firms with the best talent in the market. We have an extensive catalogue of satisfied clients, and you can become one of them. 

With Consult BT, we can streamline your civil engineering recruitment process. 

We deploy sophisticated technologies and artificial intelligence to find you the best candidates in no time. Our experts aren’t solely looking for a person who fits the job description. They’re looking for talented individuals who align to your company culture. 

Partnering up with Consult BT will help you: 

  • Save time and money on recruitment 

  • Find a civil engineer who fits in with your team 

  • Expedite the onboarding process 

  • Avoid the costs of hiring the wrong person

Through our consultative approach to the recruitment process, you will have complete visibility of the headhunting process and a bespoke service to match your requirements. 

Contact us to find out how we can support your specialist hiring requirements today​

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