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Boost HR and the Talent Acquisition Team

Consult BT has been operating since 2019 and is only focused on headhunting exceptional talent for businesses and employers. We have worked with mature national organisations that have more than 1,000 seats as well as organisations that have as few as 10 seats and everything in between. 

Most organisations come to us when they are struggling to find candidates, due to unfavourable market conditions, inefficient internal processes and of course when they need candidates fast. Being a Headhunter, Consult BT engages with candidates very differently to how a recruiter engages with candidates and the entire process is fast, efficient and highly selective with most positions being filled within a matter of a few weeks. We achieve this because of our highly developed and streamlined internal systems and processes that allow us to cut out the fat and get the results needed to deliver. We are after all, a performance based business and only get paid when we deliver.

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Transform your human resource and talent acquisition business unit into a well oiled machine and never use a recruiter ever again! Consult BT's founder (BT) worked for a national engineering consultancy for the better part of 7 years as the national business development manager. Throughout this time, the business was in need of major human resources however it was consistently let down by recruiters time and time again.


Eventually the general manager tasked BT with headhunting only the most experienced, savvy and desirable engineering candidates to the business. In his first year of headhunting, BT managed to onboard more than 50 highly skilled senior and principal engineers as well as senior management candidates (this was during COVID as well). BT grew the workforce of the consultancy on his own during an unstable and uncertain economic climate.

Want to achieve the same success at your own organisation? Get in touch and ask us how.

The Biggest Benefits to any Organisation


No More Recruiters!

Do we need to say more? We practice what we preach and will train your internal human resource and talent acquisition business unit in our proven headhunting methods. Stop paying commission to recruiters and keep the money in the business. 


Speed and Results

Our highly developed and streamlined headhunting systems and processes work extremely well across all industries and job markets. We provide a process driven and proven framework to obtain candidates efficiently and  repeatedly. 


Proactive Not Reactive

Consult BT also has systems to allow for a more proactive headhunting and resourcing environment. Never be reactionary ever again. As the business grows so to does your need for a more agile human resource and talent acquisition business unit.

Unrivalled Results

Candidates Successfully Placed


Placement Success Rate


Years of Combined Experience


Worth of Candidates Placed


Your Bespoke Headhunting Journey Starts with 

Consult BT

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