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Occupational Health and Hygiene Recruitment


An in-house occupational health and hygiene specialist is essential for any company. These professionals will help you ensure your employees’ health and safety, and they can even boost performance by creating a comfortable and safe working environment. 

Finding the right person for the job offers unique challenges. The perfect candidate will need superior knowledge and expertise of the relevant standards and legislation specific to your industry. This candidate will also require the right personality fit to ensure they can enforce these essential health and hygiene practices in an effective manner. 

Finding the right candidate to meet these requirements makes for a more demanding headhunting process. So, leave your occupational health and hygiene recruitment worries to us. Consult BT is here to find you the right occupational hygienist for your company with our bespoke recruitment services. While you focus on the core of your business, we’ll focus on expanding your team. 

Crucial Tasks Performed by an Occupational Health and Hygiene Specialist 

Occupational health and hygiene specialists can quite literally mean the difference between life and death in many cases. They carry out a wide range of services to ensure safe and hygienic environments including:

  • Identifying hazards in the workplace 

  • Inspecting equipment and workplace environments 

  • Mould assessments and removal

  • Asbestos and hazmat inspections and removals

  • IAQ / Silica assessments

  • Indoor air quality assessments and improvement

  • Noise and vibration assessments and management

  • Meth lab assessment and clearances

These are just some of the crucial tasks carried out by occupational hygienists that determine the level of safety in our everyday environments. If you want to ensure the health and safety of your employees, you’ll need to find an experienced professional who can help you. 

Don’t leave hiring such a crucial component of your business to chance, rely on Consult BT to find the best-in-field specialists. 

Why You Need Help with Occupational Health and Hygiene Recruitment 

Occupational health and hygiene recruitment requires an extensive vetting and shortlisting process to ensure you are putting your employees’ safety in the hands of the correct specialist. 

It’s also important to consider the essential and rigorous nature of the work occupational hygienists carry out which means these experts are in high demand and this makes hiring experienced specialists competitive.

To source and attract the correct occupational hygienist for your business requires a bespoke recruitment process to ensure you hire the right specialist the first time. That’s why Consult BT is your go-to choice for occupational hygiene recruitment. 

What Consult BT Can Do for You

Our team at Consult BT is your best bet for finding the right person for the job as we offer years of experience connecting companies with occupational hygienists and we’d be happy to add you to our list of satisfied clients

We rely on our vast network and AI technology to identify, source and present the best candidates for your hiring requirements across Sydney and other major cities in Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We offer a consultative process where we work together with you to find an employee who meets the qualification requirements and also matches your company culture to a T. 

Through our consultative approach, we make the recruitment process as seamless as possible, and ensure the utmost satisfaction to your and your new team member. 

So, contact us today to discuss how we can find an occupational hygienist who’s right for you. ​

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