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Construction Headhunting

When searching for a construction recruitment agency that understands the unique staffing requirements within the sector, you need to look no further than Consult BT.


Consult BT is a bespoke recruitment agency that specialises in construction recruitment.  Whether it’s tapping into our vast network of professionals to source potential candidates or head-hunting top talent from the market leaders, we tailor our services to meet your hiring requirements.  

Why Choose us? 

If you’re looking for qualified, industry-specific staff then our construction recruitment services can help you quickly access the talent you need. Consult BT works fast to source talent across Australia.


  • Construction Industry Specialists:  We have a team of recruitment consultants that are specialised in recruiting within the construction industry.  Not only does this allow us to draw on a vast range of industry contacts when sourcing for roles, but gives us the ability to offer consultation to both employers and candidates throughout the recruitment process.


  • Relationship Driven: Our consultants work as a team to establish long-term relationships with both clients and our pool of potential candidates. We don’t compete with each other for commissions and this results in a relationship driven and long term approach to recruitment.


Whether you’re looking for talent in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth, Consult BT’s vast network of contacts can find the technically experienced construction professionals that your business needs to take the next step.


From graduates fresh out of university and TAFE, all the way through to directors and executive management, Consult BT can help you find the construction workforce that fits the needs of your unique organisation.

The Consult BT Approach

Consult BT approaches recruitment for the construction industry with a solution driven approach.  


There are a number of considerations when hiring construction candidates, such as qualifications, experience levels, licenses and tickets which is why working with a specialist has never been so important. Finding a construction recruitment agency that understands the documentation, qualifications and certificates required on every construction site is key as you don’t want to find out your new team member can’t even get on-site due to a recruitment error.


Consult BT are construction recruitment specialists who you can trust to help you source the best candidates with specific requirements. 


  • Network: We utilise our extensive network of industry specialists we have built from our years in the industry to ensure we’re sourcing the best candidates for your hiring needs. 

  • Interview: Once we’ve sourced a shortlist of qualified candidates, we conduct interviews that ensure both their skills and outlook aligns with the culture of your organisation.  This approach ensures best fit and keeps staff in roles longer.

  • References: Finally we speak to successful candidate’s references to get an outside opinion. Character is such an important part of the recruitment process and can only be gauged by talking to people who have worked with the candidate in the past. We can tailor our references to get more insight into information you want about the candidate. 

Construction Recruitment for the Australian Market 

Whether you’re looking to expand your construction business or you’re simply looking to develop a long term relationship with a specialist construction recruitment agency to position yourself for the future, we have you covered.


If you’re after more information about any of our construction recruitment services, then don’t hesitate to contact us today. 

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