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Environmental Headhunting and Recruitment


When it comes to environmental scientists, environmental engineers and environmental consultants recruitment, it can be a challenging task to source the right talent given the highly skilled nature of the work and required experience in the relevant legislation and compliance processes. An environmental professional is expected to have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to the applicable legislation or laws, regulations, standards, and policies. They also need to effectively manage the rigorous compliance process whilst ensuring that the environmental risks are pinpointed and managed properly. These expectations and a niche talent pool means environmental professionals are not widely abundant. 

Environmental Professionals 

Environmental scientists, engineers and consultants are relied upon by many diverse industries, government agencies and departments as well as non-government organizations and the public to help make sound decisions that help protect the environment and minimise human health risks. Given the growing concerns of human impact on the natural environment, environmental professionals play a crucial role mitigating and minimising these impacts by ensuring effective policies are in place and adhered to. Without these professionals, the health and safety of people and the planet can be put at risk. Environmental professionals need to be proactive when dealing with risks and implementing measures to ensure that there aren’t incidents happening in the first place. 


Besides ensuring that there is effective management of environmental concerns, these professionals have to effectively report to shareholders, stakeholders, executive teams and board members as environmental concerns become a priority across all industries. 

Why Hire an Environmental Recruitment Agency 

Picking the right candidate for an environmental profession can be a tall order. It demands that you have a large network of experts who possess skills across different areas. At Consult BT, we offer bespoke recruitment and headhunting services to source and place environmental professionals across a wide range of specialisms. Whether you are looking for environment officers, environment advisors, group environment managers, or environmental superintendents, we take you through the recruitment process step by step to ensure you source the right talent for your specific hiring needs. We also offer our services to environmental consultancies including environmental planning, management systems, environmental approvals, remediation, and contaminated lands. 


We have been in the recruitment industry for years and have acquired a wealth of industry knowledge that has allowed us to successfully place top tier professionals with a range of clients. We rely on industry data, market research and artificial intelligence to identify the right environmental specialist for your hiring needs. Our environmental recruitment consultants possess extensive knowledge and industry experience as well as access to a large network pool of professionals. This helps us attract the best talent in the market and represent them to our clients.


We have developed impactful teams by employing our tried and tested recruitment procedures that allows us to effectively place the best environmental professionals, ensuring you save time and money with the right hire. Our large database of qualified candidates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth as well as our rigorous search techniques combined with strong networking capabilities serve as the key drivers to helping you find the right candidate even for highly specialised roles.

We are a trusted environmental scientist/engineering/consultant recruitment agency based in Sydney and can offer bespoke environmental recruitment services across major cities in Australia. Engaging us for your hiring needs will save you resources and give you access to our extensive network of specialists. To discuss your hiring needs and our process in more detail, please contact us today.

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