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Land Mining

Mining Headhunting

The mining industry is a crucial pillar of the Australian economy and generates billions of dollars each year for the economy in jobs and revenue. 


Mining is an industry that requires staff with a unique mix of skills and qualifications to keep things moving. With little margin for error, your mining business can’t afford to get their staffing solutions wrong.


Consult BT is a specialist mining recruitment agency that understands the distinctive needs required from clients. As a bespoke recruitment agency with a team of specialist recruiters who have vast contacts and experience across numerous sectors of mining, we’re here to work with you to find the right staffing solutions for your business.

Why Choose us for Mining Recruitment? 

Consult BT is renowned for pairing quality mining professionals with positions that allow them to grow and prosper long term.  


Our full-service approach to mining recruitment means our reach extends across multiple mining disciplines including the boardroom, office workers, the residencies and beyond.


Whether you’re after a graduate or an experienced hire, contract or permanent worker, our team can work with you to find the right staffing fit for your organisation.


We understand the volatility associated with the mining industry and that your staffing requirements may drastically change throughout your operations. With this in mind, Consult BT is also able to service businesses with outsourced and temporary hires to their workforce which allow you to remain nimble and respond to market shifts. 


In partnership with Consult BT’s specialised mining recruitment services, you’re able to boost your organisation’s productivity and increase workplace satisfaction through hiring the right professionals the first time.

Consult BT's Mining Recruitment System

As a specialist mining recruitment agency, Consult BT uses a rigorous and consultative recruitment process to deliver results. 


In an industry such as mining, working with a recruitment agency that understands the specific nuances that your business faces becomes just that much more important.  You can therefore trust Consult BT to fill positions with a long term, relationship driven approach to recruitment services. 


Our process encapsulates the following four main principles:


  • Work with you to fully understand your hiring requirements and how that will impact the business. 

  • Reach out to our vast network of industry specialists and begin to consult relevant candidates on the opportunity. 

  • Once a shortlist is built, we conduct thorough interviews to ensure best fit. 

  • Contact any references to ensure good character fit and to confirm the candidates previous experience is accurate.  


We take the time to consult with our clients to get an in-depth understanding of your business and your hiring needs. This way, we can align a candidate's experience and cultural fit to your business to ensure a correct fit. 


Once this relationship has been established, we’re then able to use our extensive network that our team of experienced specialist mining recruiters have built up over their careers to source the right talent for our clients. Once a shortlist has been compiled, the interview process then begins. This allows us to do initial interviews and screen through the candidates who fit the job description.


References are always being sourced throughout the process, ensuring the prospective employees that we’ve sourced fit with the culture and principles of your organisation.

Mining Recruitment in Australia

If you’re looking to form a continuing partnership with a specialist mining recruitment agency, then get in touch with the team at Consult BT.

For more information about any of our mining recruitment services, then don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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