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Recruitment Headhunting

Recruitment to Recruitment Headhunting


In the fast paced world of recruitment, finding the right fit is absolutely paramount for all agencies. As a seasoned recruitment professional or an agency striving for excellence, a partnership with Consult BT will ensure requirements are understood based on the intricate dynamics of the industry. We offer bespoke Recruitment to Recruitment (R2R) which are tailored to connect exceptional talent with career-defining opportunities. We work with all recruitment professionals including 360 consultants, delivery consultants and account managers.

Challenges in Hiring Recruitment Professionals 

The R2R sector is highly competitive. There are numerous agencies constantly on the lookout for top talent and qualifying their skills and motivations can be difficult. With Consult BT, your business will have access to an exclusive network of top-billers, granting you access to coveted opportunities not found elsewhere.


Building trust with potential candidates can be challenging, as individuals may be wary of R2R services and need assurance that your agency has their best interests in mind. At Consult BT, we’re backed by years of industry experience, our team possesses an in-depth understanding of the nuances of recruitment. Based on core headhunting practices, confidentiality is carefully exercised by taking additional steps to ensure every interaction with both recruitment professionals and the agency is professionally undisclosed.


For R2R agencies, comprehending the specific needs and culture of various recruitment firms can be complex. As Headhunters, we tailor services to meet these diverse requirements is a continuous challenge. From offering a bespoke approach Consult BT can ensure that every connection we facilitate aligns with your long-term objectives.


Overcoming these challenges requires expertise, adaptability, a deep understanding of the recruitment landscape, and a commitment to maintaining high standards of professionalism and service.

Why Seek a Recruitment to Recruitment Headhunter 

Highly skilled recruitment professionals will always be in high demand. Finding the right candidates for your hiring requires extensive industry knowledge as well as access to a screened database of professionals. Consult BT can offer access to our carefully selected database of recruitment professionals and utilise our tried and tested headhunting process which allows us to effectively match candidates even to your most demanding and specialised hiring needs. We also offer proven headhunting and acquisition services to attract the perfect candidate for the job, not just active candidates.


At Consult BT, we know the challenges faced when it comes to finding and hiring the right candidates for Recruitment jobs. We combine our industry knowledge and experience along with our extensive database of candidates to ensure that we provide tried and tested reliable solutions for your hiring requirements. We take the stress and hard work of finding your professionals so that you can focus on the task at hand.


Contact us today for your R2R needs in all major cities in Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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